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We Want To Change The Way You Do Business with Expertise on Demand.

If you’re still scratching your head about what Leverage4 is or how we can help make impact in your organization, let us break it down for you.

As a Fractional Services Provider,  we are a broker of independent contractors and services curated to fill gaps in your business. Need to hire for a position quickly? We’ll connect you with a skilled independent contractor that will fill your need and push things forward. Need a project completed but don’t have the in-house skills required? We’ll match you with one of our vetted service partners that will handle everything from start to finish – whether it’s in the realm of sales, marketing, IT, operations and beyond – we’ll be your partner through it all. The best part? You only pay for the services you need, when you need them.

Leverage4 is changing the way you do business – saving you time, money and resources along the way.

Why Fractional Services

1. Access to specialized expertise: Leverage4 has a network of professionals with diverse skill sets and industry knowledge, allowing businesses to tap into specific expertise without the need for long-term commitments.

2. Flexible and scalable solutions: Leverage4 offers flexible arrangements tailored to the needs of businesses. They can quickly scale services up or down based on demand, providing cost-effective solutions.

3. Cost savings: By hiring fractional professionals instead of full-time employees, your business can save on costs associated with salaries, benefits, and overhead expenses.

4. Time efficiency: Leverage4 has pre-vetted professionals readily available, saving businesses time in the recruitment and hiring process.

5. Customized solutions: We work closely with businesses to understand their unique requirements and goals, providing tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.

6. Cross-industry experience: Leverage4 often works with professionals who have experience across different industries. This cross-industry expertise can bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to businesses.

7. Project-based approach: We can provide professionals for short-term projects or specific initiatives, allowing businesses to address immediate needs without committing to long-term contracts.



two people looking at a computer

IT support

Software development

Optimize technology process

IT sales

Cyber security

Chief Information Officer | Chief Security Officer | IT Director | IT Manager | Lead Systems Architect | Software Developer | Technical Team Lead


Person typing on computer

Develop strategic marketing plans and campaigns

Manage social media platforms

Optimize website Content

Analyze marketing metrics

Manage market research

Chief Marketing Officer | Chief Brand Officer | Chief Communications Officer | VP of Marketing | Marketing Director | Marketing Specialist | Creative Strategist


Person typing at a desk

Create budgets

Financial forecasts

Optimize cash flow

Manage financial risks

Support business growth

Chief Financial Officer | Vice President Finance | Director of Accounting | Director of Forensic Accounting | Internal Auditor | Accountant | CPA


Hands using calculator

Streamline Workflow

Manage Supply Chain

Optimize Operational Processes

Improve Communication Channels

HR and Legal support

Payroll and benefits Management

Chief Executive Officer | Chief Operations Officer | Chief Legal Officer | Chief Information Officer | Operations Coordinator | General Counsel | Chief Human Resources Officer | Chief Experience Officer | Chief Diversity Officer | Director of HR | HR Analyst | Safety Manager Recruiter | Supply Chain | EOS Implementers | Project Managers

Your Business

Deserves The Best.

We’ll Help You Get It.


Your Business

Deserves The Best.

We’ll Help You Get It.


Our Pricing: Leverage4 has retainer and project based pricing plans depending on the scope of your need. To receive an estimate, please fill out the following application and you’ll hear from us within 24-48 hours of the request.

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